My Expertise

I have more than 4 years' experience building software for different clients, ranging from SMEs to big corporations. Below is a quick overview of the services I provide.

Full-stack Development

I'm a full-stack developer capable of building a product from beginning to end, following appropriate system design principles.

Consultancy and Support

I provide technical advise on technology solutions for businesses, focusing on SMEs and startups. I specialize in the e-commerce, education and fintech spaces.

Technical Writing

I'm highly proficient in writing technical guides for projects to technical and non-technical audiences.


Below is a quick overview of the programming languages and tools I use. Want to find out more? check out my resumé.


We cannot talk about web development without talking about responsive design. I leverage the power of this dynamic duo to create responsive web apps.

Vanilla javascript

Using vanilla js to add flavor to the applications I build.

React & Vue

I'm proficient in both react.js and vue.js for Single Page Applications as well as Server side Rendered Applications.

Python & Django

I have 3 years experience working with django to build scalable applications, using both the MVC pattern and REST(django rest framework) principles.

Php & Laravel

As with django, I also dabble in php development, applying the best system design principles to build modern and scalable web apps.


My go-to version control tool. I'm well adapted to the git commands and practices to aid in the development pipeline.

Docker & Cloud Deployments

I'm experienced in the deployment process, using docker containers for continuous integration, and nginx for reverse proxying and load balancing. I can also deploy to various cloud platforms, specifically; Google cloud and any linux server.


I have experience working with node.js, on frameworks such as strapi.js, vue.js, react.js, nuxt.js, next.js...

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